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Email of the Week

[Email of the Week #13]: Bright Cellars

A couple years ago, I started to get targeted for ads to take a wine quiz. The hook of the ad was something like: Two MIT grads created a quiz that matches you with your favorite wines. That’s my paraphrased version of it. Anyway… After seeing the ad a few times, I finally took the…

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[Email of the Week #10]: Truvani

When it comes to e-commerce email marketing, there are only a handful of companies that do it well. One of those companies is Truvani. I only recently signed up for their email list and I gotta say… I was blown away with their email marketing game. In my opinion, they’re in the top 1% of…

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[Email of the Week #8]: Whisky Loot

Whisky. The nectar of the gods. As much as I love wine, I have to admit… whisky holds a special place in my heart as well. If you love whisky too… you are going to love this article. Because today, I have a very special treat for you. A very delicious treat I think you’re…

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[Email of the Week #7]: Dry Farm Wines

I love wine. If you’re a rational person, you probably do too. That’s why I was SUPER excited when Drea Fecht sent me this email for review. It was one of the easiest “hell yes I’ll break this thing down” replies I ever sent back. This email has it all: long copy, a great story,…

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