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Yes. It’s actually possible to write emails that people love to read and still make tons of sales (no matter what industry you’re in).

And my products will show you how to do it.


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Make It Rain Monthly - Print Newsletter

Make It Rain Monthly

My “top secret” monthly print newsletter I send to over 300 ecommerce brand owners and marketers from 20+ countries around the world.
"No more guessing. No more hoping. Proven emails you can send… right in your mailbox every month."
Steven J. Cole
Make it Rain Book

Make It Rain​

My book that gives you a “crash course” in my email marketing philosophy, so you can start using email to generate massive paydays for your business.
“Every time I follow his advice, I see a direct impact on the growth of my business. His system is clear, simple, and easy to implement.”​
Rachel J. Mazza
Direct Response Copywriter
Scale While You Sleep Book

Scale While You Sleep

My book that reveals 9 email sequences you can use to grow your business 30% in just 30 days.

"He lays out step-by-step sequences that will help any ecomm business make more money."
Brenna McGowan
Email Copywriter
Cart Abandonment Annihilator

Cart Abandonment Annihilator

My agency’s signature cart abandonment sequence that scoops up thousands of dollars in lost revenue for clients consistently.

"Easy to implement… and works with ANY business. Really happy I made the purchase!"
Scott Liebenberg
Founder of Tapered Menswear
Email Copy Academy
Online course

Email Copy Academy

My premier email copywriting for freelancers that gives you everything you need to become a world class email copywriter, write powerful sequences that sell, and get paid what you’re worth.
"It used to take me up to two hours to draft a single email. Now I can write one from start to finish in 30 minutes."
Haley Greene
Email Copywriter
Quick & Dirty Sales Letters
Online course

Quick & Dirty Sales Letters

A crash course that walks you through my process for writing “good enough” sales letters in under a day.

"If I were starting from scratch, I'd toss every sales letter course I ever bought, and use this instead."
Jimmy Parent
Persuasion Scientist
1000 Happy Customers
Online course

1,000 Happy Customers

A short course that helps online business owners and freelancers attract more ‘future customers’ onto their email list quickly and predictably… without a dime in ad spend.

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