A while back I had a client who was a little unsure what might happen if they started doing more email marketing into their e-commerce business.

The product they were selling didn’t matter.

But just for context:

Their products sell for 10x the price of similar items on Amazon. Mainly because they sold boutique, high-quality products made with premium materials.


The owner of the company expressed to me that some people might be a little put off if we send too many emails.

This, to me, was a valid concern.

So, here’s what I suggested…

“Instead of just blasting out multiple new emails every single week – which is actually pretty exhausting – why don’t we just set up a few simple automations based on the behavior of your customers and prospects?”


Let’s only send targeted emails to the right people at the perfect moment in their customer journey.


I built out an entire suite of e-commerce email automations.

And a few months later, we finally dove into the results.

The initial tests were good. So we kept testing and tweaking things. My client ended up doing a ton of testing over the next few months.

Eventually… we got to a point where that company was earning 22% of ALL their sales from these automated sequences.

Let’s break down exactly what that means…

If you’re a $1,000,000/year business, that means $220,000 of your sales are coming to you with you having to lift a finger.

That’s almost an extra $18.5k/month, from literally doing nothing.

If you’re a $5,000,000/year business, that means you’re earning $1,100,000 from your automations.

That’s almost an extra $100k a month… again… from doing nothing.

Annualize that…

If you’re a $5,000,000/year e-commerce business… that means over the next 5 years, if you could achieve that same 22% sales figure… you’d earn an extra $5,500,000 in sales.


From automations.

Now, listen…

Not every business is going to be able to generate that much from email automations.

Some might.

Some might earn more.

Some might earn less.

It depends on a lot of factors.

But at the end of the day…

Adding some automations into your business might not be a bad idea.

They do tend to pay for themselves.


If you have an e-commerce business, and would like someone to just “do all of this automation stuff for you”… then fill out an application on my ‘Work with Me’ page and I’ll get you some details for how we can  make that happen.


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