We all have an identity.

We have an idea of the person we are.

Today. Here. Right now.

We also have aspirations.

We concurrently hold in our mind the vision of the person we are now… and the person we want to one day become.

And so, we buy things.

We buy things that are congruent with our vision of who we actually are. And we buy things that move us closer to our aspirations of who we want to become.

How Launches Fit In

The past few weeks have been an absolute buzzsaw.

I’m talking 12 hour days consistently for the past 3 weeks or so. I don’t know – I’ve kind of lost track.

That’s because I am in the middle of Launch Szn… the busiest time of year for Launch Consultants and  Copywriters like myself.

It started off with a launch for two of my clients – a brand new course. Then, I launched my first ever official course with Kim Krause Schwalm – and it went incredibly well.

Next up, I signed a client who’s launching doing her first official membership site launch at the end of this week – our goal is 200 members in 4 days. I’m hoping we have to close it down early, before the deadline. I have confidence that will happen.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on another HUGE innovation in the product launch world for one of the industry’s biggest names. And it’s going incredibly well.

And while all this is happening… I’ve got the Brain-A-Thon launch which goes live on Oct 6th.

I got a lot going on.

It’s a lot of plates to spin.

And it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to write for 5 different markets kind of at the same time.

But at the end of the day, the reason why I’m able to help my clients achieve massive success with their launches is because I understand one thing:

With every single product launch, we’re selling a transformation.

I am this now. But I want to be _____.

We all want to escape from pain and move toward pleasure.

That shit is science, bro.

We want to buy things that help us escape from the bad and get to the good.

And the badder the bad and the gooder the good… the more money we’re willing to pay for.

This is why launches work so well. They are events that offer the opportunity for someone to visualize the possibilities of making a transformation in their own life.

I’ve done some PLF style launches… I’ve done some enormous webinar launches (162,000 registrants for one event)… and I’ve done a bunch of basic email only launches that drive right to a long-form sales page.

It doesn’t matter the medium or delivery method… the goal is always to paint the picture of what this person’s life could become if they take that next step.

We Don’t Sell Products. Ever.

People don’t want a product.

When you buy that personal development course, you don’t want a bunch of audios and videos and PDFs.

You want your fear and anxiety to subside. You want to finally – for the first time in your life – to believe in yourself. You want to leave the shackles of your old life behind and become that person who you always knew you could be. You want to be good at everything you do. You want to stop being sad and finally be happy with yourself… and love yourself… and have better relationships… and smile… and wake up each day excited rather than scared…

You’re buying a new life.

You buy the aspiration.

And it becomes your new identity.

And we continue this process over and over again.

Trading up to a new, better identity with every single buying decision.

The Call To Adventure

When you opt-in for a launch, it’s kind of like embarking on the hero’s journey. I really do think people go through many of these phases.

We have a call to adventure and opt-in.

We meet the mentor or the supernatural aid.

We choose to cross the threshold.

Once we own the product, we run the gauntlet of challenges to actually implement and follow through. There is always a low point – a hole we must dig ourselves out of.

And then, if we do manage to pull through… the transformation is complete.

We are changed internally and externally forever.

Bro… What Did You Smoke Before You Sat Down To Write This?

Hahaha I know, I know… we’re getting pretty deep here.

But this is how I think about the buying process.

This is an exercise you need to think about doing if you’re ever going to have a successful launch.

I have seen people literally tremble and shake and cry as their pulling out their credit cards to buy programs.

I think it’s a beautiful experience.

There are so many emotions involved – and they need to be. Because buying is inherently an emotional experience.

People subconsciously realize that they are transforming themselves when they buy a product that can help them achieve their aspirations. Sometimes there’s pain. And fear. And doubt. And uncertainty when making that decision.

You need to think… is your sales message going to overcome the negative emotions and help activate the good ones?

It’s a balance – there’s always going to be fear and doubt and all that… but the pain of staying where you’re currently at needs to be present in your copy… along with painting a picture that people can clearly see in their mind about what things could look like.

Before You Ever Write A Word Of Copy For Your Launch…

… you need to think about this transformation.

You’re not selling a product, or a course, or a training, or a program.

You’re selling a transformation in this person’s life.

You’re selling them a new identity.

You’re selling them the ability to reach their aspirations and become who they want to become.

So before you ever put your god damn pen to paper, you better think about this stuff… because this kind of thinking is what separates mediocre products from ones that change the world.


2 thoughts on “Product Launches: What We’re Selling Is A Transformation”

  1. Another great article that goes deep & beyond the surface level of why people buy. Buying is for the most part an emotional transaction. Deep stuff here and you broken it down thoroughly while keeping the interest & passion level up. Thats some dedication.

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