It’s kind of a terrifying proposition to introduce a new product to the market nowadays.

We’re living in an oversaturated society. We literally can’t fit any more information into our brains. We get tens of thousands of advertising messages that bombard our senses every single day.

There are over 28 million businesses in the US alone. And another 18,000+ are being started every single day. A lot of them are running ads. And they’re all competing for your customers.

So… how do you, as a business owner/marketer/advertiser stand out?

There Are No New Ideas. No One Cares About You. You’re F**ked. Might As Well Pack It Up And Go Home…

Every market out there is oversaturated.

You’re not going to be first to market anymore.

THere are hundreds, if not thousands of people selling the exact same thing you are.

There are 5,977 insurance companies in the United States.

They. Are. All. Selling. The. Same. Damn. Thing.

Think about that for a second.

How do you get noticed, let alone grow from obscurity into a successful brand?

Enter, Jimmy McGill.

Last night, my wife and I were watching Better Call Saul.

I LOVE this show. Was a huge fan of Breaking Bad. And this show has picked up the torch and ran with it. In case you’re not familiar, it’s about Jimmy McGill, a street-level conman turned lawyer… with a lot of overlap between his past and current lifestyles.

In last nights’ episode, Jimmy was forced to get a job after his license to practice law was suspended. So he went and finally got a job at this place called CC Mobile.

CC Mobile is one of those “bottom-of-the-food-chain” cell phone stores. They’re not a Verizon. Or an AT&T. Or a T-Mobile. They’re not even a Boost Mobile.

They sell cheap cell phones.


Literally, NO ONE goes there. The place is always empty.

Jimmy spends a few days, managing an empty store… when he finally gets an idea.

So he goes and buys some window paint.

And he proceeds to paint – in huge letters – a message on the glass storefront.

“Is the man listening? Privacy sold here.”

Lo and behold, the very next day… a contractor who wants to shake off a pesky IRS wiretap (and who wants to keep his “all cash” business dealings private) comes in and starts asking Jimmy questions about the phones.

(This show takes place about 10-15 years ago, we didn’t all have iPhone back then… and not as many people knew what a burner was… or why they needed one.)

Jimmy explained how they work, the problem they solve, and handled a few objections.

“How much do they cost?” the contractor asked.

“They’re cheaper than an audit” replied Jimmy. “Thing is… you can’t have this one. It’s already spoken for. In fact, this entire pile is spoken for… and we only have a few of these things left.”

The takeaway close.


So awesome.

Guy ended up leaving with 10 phones under his arm.

That my friend, is how you engineer a message to market match.

It’s Never About Your Product

CC Mobile was selling cell phones.

So was Verizon. And so was T-Mobile. So was everybody else.

How were they ever supposed to compete against these juggernauts?

How are YOU supposed to compete against the juggernauts in your market?


You have to be agile. You have to be different. You have to position yourself to win.

Jimmy decided that selling cell phones head to head was never going to work.

So he didn’t sell cell phones.

He sold privacy.

He sold peace of mind.

He sold a specific solution to a very select group of people.

He didn’t advertise the phone. He advertised the benefit. He dimensionalized the benefit and showed people how it would improve their lives.

If you can do that, the sale is easy.

What’s The Right Message To Lead With?

Almost every single product out there has multiple benefits. Some even have multiple problems that they solve.

Take skin cream for example:

It cleans pores.

It helps fight aging.

It smoothes wrinkles.

It helps with your complexion.

It moisturizes skin.

So which one of these goes in the headline?

Is stuffing ALL of them into the headline, one after the next the most effective strategy? Probably not.

Finding Words That Open Wallets

The right words will get your prospect to open up their wallets and pull out their credit card and buy. The wrong words won’t do anything.

How do you know which words are the right words?

Well, it takes a lot of research.

It takes a lot of getting to know the wants and needs and pain points of your target market.

You have to decide WHO your company is going to be a “godsend” for. You can’t be for everyone. Not anymore. The age of mass markets is declining. There’s just too much competition. It’s really, really hard to start a business that sells stuff to everyone out there.

The companies who DO make it to that level of size usually all have one thing in common.

They all start out serving a small slice of the market. They identify the one kind of person who’s perfect for this product. And they write their ads for that person.

They look at their list of benefits and think “All of these benefits and solutions are great… but THIS one is the one our people will care about the most.”

Selling can be easy. Or it can be hard.

It’s hard when you do guesswork.

It’s hard when you try to ram a benefit down someone’s throat if it’s not a 100% match.

It’s hard when you skip the research and you don’t interact with the people you’re selling to.

It’s easy when you do the research.

It’s easy when you find the one big thing everyone in your market wants, and tailor both your product and your advertising to that.

And sometimes that means you can’t be everything to everyone.

And it means you can’t market the same way.

Sometimes it means you need to find your unique positioning. Sometimes you need to figure out the one advantage you have that everyone else can’t claim.

You have to make your business a category of one.

Only then, will selling become easy.

3 thoughts on “How To Make Your Product Stand Out (Even if Everyone Else Is Selling The Same Exact Thing)”

  1. Nice man!

    I was just trying to come up with a way of talking about market sophistication that the layman can understand. You’ve nailed it!

    I’m actually gonna go watch “Better Call Saul” now! haha.

    Keep the amazing emails and content coming brother.

    1. Chris Orzechowski

      Thanks Branko.

      I could probably write a whole book about all of the incredible sales and marketing lessons from that show… it’s seriously one of the most underrated “sources” to study for that kind of stuff. The writers are brilliant, and they definitely have some salesmen’s blood in their veins.

      I think you’ll love it.

      And I’m glad you liked this, too!

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