I’m going to show you a much faster way to write sales letters for your products and services… so you never have to agonize over a “blank page” ever again.

The best part? I’ll even give you the exact framework I use so all you have to do is “add in” your own copy and start making sales in no time.

Quick & Dirty Sales Letters

Dear Friend,

If you want a simple method for writing sales letters that sell… without spending weeks or even months agonizing over your copy… and without having to worry whether or not your copy will “work” or not… then this is going to be the most important message you read all day.

Here’s why…

Chris Orzechowski

My Name Is

Chris Orzechowski

I’m known as an e-commerce email marketing strategist and copywriter. 

I am NOT a sales letter writer by trade.

But every now and again, one of my clients will ask if I can help them with their sales letters, too.

A while back, I realized that I didn’t exactly LOVE writing sales letters.

After all… who the hell wants to sit down and type out a 96+ page long-form sales letter? 

Do people actually enjoy that process?

I know I didn’t.

In fact, I think I’d much rather seppuku myself than sit down and write one of those long-form, “Agora-style” sales letters.

No thank you!

Here’s The Problem With Sales Letters

I’m an entrepreneur.

And the clients I work with are entrepreneurs.

The people I work with don’t have time to write these long-ass sales letters that just go on and on and on.

They want to sell.

And they wanna sell FAST.

They want to bang out some copy, put it up on a page, send some traffic and actually make sales.

I don’t know about you…

But I just don’t have the time or patience to rewrite a letter 17 times until it’s perfect… or spend a few months painstakingly writing and rewriting and writing and rewriting until my fingers bleed.

ALL of the sales letters trainings out there that I took when I was learning how to write copy, focused on these super in-depth, complex sales letter creation formulas that took a full month of research…

Another month of writing… and then a whole ‘nother month of testing, tweaking, editing and optimizing.

Hey… some people love that process.

But that’s not me.

I heard from someone a long time ago (I think it was Dan Kennedy) that money is attracted to speed.

So, I made it my mission to learn how to write sales letters fast.

I figured… the faster I can write these things, the easier my life would be. And as long as my clients made a ton of sales, they’d be happier than a pig in shit!

That’s When I Created A Sales Letter Formula That Works Really Well!

The perfect formula for a sales letter didn’t exactly exist.

At least, that’s what I thought.

But I had written a few letters for my clients in the past that worked really, really well.

I mean… one of the letters I wrote for my clients generated over $1,000,000 in sales in less than 13 months.

And I wrote that letter in a day and a half.

So I KNEW there was some kind of formula hidden in my brain that was guiding my writing.

One day…

I figured I should just sit down and flesh it all out into a template.

So I pulled up those sales letters I wrote…

I grabbed a pen and paper…

And I wrote down the process I seemed to keep using every time I wrote a sales letter.

It turned out to be the same 20 steps… almost every single time.

The next time I wrote a sales letter, I simply pulled out this formula and “filled in” my copy. 

Everything was sequenced properly. The sales argument made logical (and emotional) sense. And it was pretty easy.

I wasn’t sitting there staring at a blank screen, ready to put my fist through my monitor…

I wasn’t spending endless hours researching and pulling my hair out…

I wasn’t organizing and rearranging parts of my letter, beating myself up because I didn’t know if people would get lost or confused halfway through my copy…


I just sat down, followed my ‘process’ and wrote the damn letter.

And that’s what I continue to do every single time I ever have to write a sales letter.

I never start from scratch.

In fact, because of this process I created… I start off with the letter partially done!

It’s saved me hundreds – even thousands – of hours of my time over the years. And I figured if I got so much value out of this “quick & dirty” sales letter writing process… then you probably would, too!

That’s why I created…

Quick & Dirty Sales Letters

Quick & Dirty Sales Letters is an online class that walks you through my process for writing “good enough” sales letters fast.

Full disclosure: This course will NOT help you write those 146+ page Agora-level sales letters for big publishers in the most competitive, cutthroat direct response markets.

This is not going to help you write the next End of America, 2-hour VSL promotion and make $200 million.

Not at all.

What this WILL do is give you the exact framework I use to bang out sales letters fast… and to write them in a way where you know that as long as you have a good product and as long as you’re sending targeted traffic… you can sell your product or service.

I like writing things the “quick & dirty” way.

Hell, this sales letter you’re reading right now only took me about an hour to write.

Inside the course, I break down a few more sales letters I wrote that only took me a day or so.

In fact, in addition to the template and training… I actually include FIVE complete line-by-line breakdowns of sales letters I’ve written… where I walk you through exactly what I was thinking and writing in each step.

So if you’re into writing hard and writing fast and writing to actually SELL (instead of trying to compete to see who the ‘best copywriter is’)… then this course is for you.

Here’s What Life Looks Like After Quick & Dirty Sales Letters

  • You cut the time it takes you to write a sales letter in half!

  • You have a formula to follow that works for just about every product or service you could ever think of.

  • You no longer suffer from “blank page syndrome”... that painful condition where you feel like punching yourself in the face because you have no idea where to even start.

  • Your sales letters look, feel and read better.

  • Your copy becomes more organized.

  • You start selling more.

  • If you’re a copywriter… your clients become impressed with how awesome your copy is.

  • You spend less time in front of the computer (in agony) and more time doing the stuff you love.

Here’s What’s Included In Quick & Dirty Sales Letters

My 20-point sales letter template that I use to guide my writing for every sales letter I write. It’s broken up into sections that give you a proven formula for assembling sales letters fast.

A video training on how to use the template, so you can simply “fill in” your copy into the right sections… and end up with a sales letter that gets the job done and makes sales.

A breakdown of a sales letter I wrote for a physical product that ended up making my client a lot more than he expected.

A line-by-line breakdown of a sales letter I wrote that generated $1,000,000+ sales in 13 months flat. Since then, it’s been consistently chugging along earning over $50k/month (this is probably a conservative estimate) for my clients.

A breakdown of a SaaS Product sales letter I wrote, which shows an easy way to “pare down” my template into even less steps… while still having a smooth, flowing letter that sells.

A breakdown of a sales letter for a digital course that only took me a day to write.

A breakdown of a sales letter I wrote in a “hobby market” that launched a brand new product with great success.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Quick & Dirty Sales Letters

Jimmy Parent Review

“If I were starting from scratch, I’d toss every sales letter course I ever bought, and use this instead.

In the world of copywriting and sales pages, you know there’s 50 ways to do it… but when you’ve studied human psychology and persuasion as much as I have, then you know there’s only a few specific triggers you need to hit to persuade your prospect to buy… and Chris’ simple sales letter template is the quickest, fastest, most efficient way to hit those triggers without wasting time on useless fluff.”

Jimmy Parent

Persuasion Scientist

“Chris’ Quick & Dirty Sales Letters is one of my go-to resources when I need inspiration or a quick refresh on the fundamentals.

No matter how established you become as a copywriter, it’s always good to revisit the fundamentals. Because he likes to teach us to think for ourselves WITH his resources and guidance, the examples of how he applies his template for two different businesses is especially helpful.”

Tanya Smith-Lorenz

Conversion Copywriter

Tanya Smith-Lorenz Review
Andy Garrison Review

“The first three times I used it for a real sales letter shaved about 80% of the time off for a first draft…

 …and because I didn’t overthink it, I bet I shaved 40-50% of time off the whole process.

Chris’ QDSL (both the course and the template) is the key to getting things done because it gets you started.  The template is worth it alone, but the course gives a breakdown into Chris’ mind and that’s priceless… or at least worth a lot more.”

Andy Garrison

Online Entrepreneur

“You’ll soon find yourself producing copy you can be proud of that gets the job done, quickly and without stress, and without having to hire a pro to it for you.

Chris O. has produced a practical course for people like me who aren’t professional freelance copywriters.

Get this class and go through it in just a morning or afternoon.”

Stuart C. Marmorstein, D.C.

Holistic Chiropractor

Stuart C. Marmorstein Review
Benjamin Watkins Review

“He gives you the blueprint. It has helped me understand sales letters for my funnels…

When I bought into Chris Orzechowski’s QDSL course, I had high expectations. I mean, Chris has generated millions in sales for businesses. He’s created an advanced email course. He’s a top-level copywriter. I expect him to deliver. And he exceeded my expectations. I also feel like I’m cheating by knowing the information he provides. It’s that good!”

Benjamin Watkins

Founder at This Is Copy

“A sales letter outline and with real life examples that are current…

If you want to learn the essentials to high-converting sales writing (that won’t take days, weeks, months) like I did, and get breakdowns of ACTUAL working sales copy written using the same formula being taught, then you’re in for a treat.”

Nicholas Stewart

Marketing Specialist

“I was able to write my first profitable sales letter by following the Quick & Dirty Sales Letters structure in just over the weekend! 

Chris’s style of teaching is straight to the point. The course is exactly what it promises. And the objection handling methods in Quick & Dirty Sales Letters itself is a steal for the whole courses price.”

Stefan Iverson


“Took me from randomly spitting words on a page to no effect to writing high-performing sales letters in a short amount of time.

If you want a course that will cut through the red tape and show you what you need to know in writing sales letters that actually sell product, this is the course you need.”

David Maswary

Marketing Consultant

How Much Is Quick & Dirty Sales Letters?


I’m not going to do some fancy price anchor or price drop.

It’s pretty damn affordable.

I mean, a few years ago I was charging $5,000 to write a sales letter for a client.

Most of my clients sell products or services that cost way more than $97.

Do you think you could make your own clients at least $97 if they had a better sales letter for their product?

The way I see it, this is kind of a steal.

Which is also why there’s no money-back guarantee and all sales for this product are final.

It really comes down to one thing… 

Do you think you’ll be able to make an ROI on this course if you were to buy it and actually USE it?

If the answer is no, then don’t get it.

If the answer is YES… then buy it today.

Why You Should Buy Quick & Dirty Sales Letters Right Now

Quick & Dirty Sales Letters

At some point in the future I will absolutely be raising the price for this course.

It could be tomorrow… or it could be a few months from now. I’m not sure when, but it will happen soon and it will happen without warning.

This course is a steal, considering the value it can bring to your business.

Do you really wanna continue to struggle with sales letters?

Or do you wanna just hit the easy button and write a “quick and dirty” letter that gets the job done fast and still generates a ton of sales?

This is an easy choice.

If you want to get better at writing sales letters, then order today.

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