Remember that whole Covid-19 thing?

It was that whole situation where we all had to lockdown for 3+ months or EVERYONE ON THE PLANET WOULD FUCKING DIE… only it’s kind of looking like it wasn’t even real because now life is back to normal and we’re all gathering and doing whatever the fuck we want (restaurants and bars are full again, Zoomers are back to licking toilet seats on video and posting it to Tik Tok for likes, etc.)… so I guess COVID wasn’t as big of a deal as we all thought.


When The Big C appeared, every company in the WORLD felt the need to issue an email statement about what they’re doing about this pandemic.

It was kind of funny seeing these emails stream into your inbox, all some variation of: ” we’re letting you know how much we care about you during these trying times… now please buy a fucking Toyota, asshole.”

Truly wild shit.


It got real annoying, real quick.

But SOME companies used this opportunity to ‘read the room’ and make their COVID emails really funny and engaging.

And since COVID is quickly becoming a thing of the past as it gets sucked into the ever-expanding Black Hole Media Clusterfuck of 2020… I figured this was my last chance to feature one of these COVID emails as an Email of the Week.

With today’s Email of the Week, I am happy to declare an OFFICIAL ending the COVID-19.


Without further ado…

Let’s dive into this week’s Email of the Week!

This is the 39th installment of my Email of the Week series. (Catch up on previous episodes here.)

And in case you’re new around here, here’s how this all works…

The Rules For Email Of The Week

Each week, I go out into the wild to find a super-effective e-commerce marketing email… and I break down what made it work. My goal is for you to tune in each week, so I can teach you strategies and best practices YOU can use to make your own emails better.

I find these emails in my inbox, but I also accept suggestions from readers who have a remarkable email they’d like to share.

If you recently received an email that was so awesome it made your jaw drop, I wanna see it.

Forward it to me (chris at theemailcopywriter dot com) with a brief message about what you liked about it. If I choose to do a breakdown of the email you sent, I’ll give you a shout out and link to your site.

The only rule is… you can’t pick yourself.

Now then, without further ado, let’s check out the Email of the Week!

Shrooms: One Hell of a Drug

I had never heard of Level Up Mushrooms until Michael Campos, an Email Copy Academy student, forwarded me their COVID-19 email.

And boy, am I glad he did…

Level Up Mushrooms is an eCommerce company that sells a whole line of mushroom supplements that promote health and well-being. Their brand gives off a video-game vibe – which makes you feel like you’re going to turn into Super Mario and double in strength after taking their shrooms.

I dig what they got going on.

Their COVID-19 email was fantastic.

And I think it’s a mini-masterclass in learning how to write with humor.

Let’s dive right in because this is a meaty email…

Subject line: A Covid-19 Message That Doesn’t Suck

This subject line is awesome.

It’s so perfect.

It is funny and it positions their brand apart from every other brand out there.

It also invokes a ton of curiosity, because almost EVERY company had the same exact message. This subject line hints at something different and fun.

Overall: A+.

Let’s get into that body…


Ok, so the only part of this email I don’t like Is this MONSTROUS hero image. I had to zoom out 3x to screenshot this and I still couldn’t capture the entire thing.

Way too much.

They buried the shit out of the copy.

Speaking of, let’s get into the meat of this thing:


This is just straight-up funny.

My sense of humor, to a T.

Snarky, sarcastic, satirical – it’s just fucking great.

They’re pacing so they can lead in a moment. They’re meeting you where you’re at. And you read this copy and think to yourself, “You know what, they’re right… things are going to be OK.”


I really like the personal tone in this email.

You can always tell how ‘personal’ an email is by the number of “I’s” and “you’s” in the copy.

This one is full of “I’s”… but could probably benefit from more “you’s.”

(The email was addressed to everyone, instead of YOU, the single person who’s reading the email, most likely on the crapper, by yourself.)

I love the use of sarcastic dialogue here.

Great stuff.

Of course, they actually do have a great purpose for writing this email, which he cues up nicely at the end of this copy block:



I gotta say…

This is really fucking cool for a company to do.

It’s almost as cool as how Ryan Lee discounted his rewind bars to COST when the ‘pandemic’ first broke out, so people wouldn’t have to decide between their health and money.

This is a really cool move.

Another cool thing:

They give you a chance to get in on this deal even if you’re not a customer yet.

So it’s not only a great gesture for their existing customer… it also brings new customers in the door with a fantastic offer.

Super solid.

They’re not selling from their heels. They’re just being cool and genuine and helping ALL their customers.


So as a consumable, I’m sure they HAD to include some legalese. But that doesn’t mean your disclaimers have to be boring.

Peep that first paragraph.

That’s the kind of intro that would actually make you WANT to read their legalese.

Part of getting your message across is hooking your reader’s attention. The first 2-3 sentences of this block of copy does that in spades.

Just really fucking well done.

Alright, let’s wrap this puppy up…


They end this email with some recommend products.

Coincidentally (or not) each one of those products is probably a great fit to keep you healthy and strong during COVID.

So I bet they made a ton of sales with this email as well.

Overall, a super-strong email.

Really well done.

And a great way to finally wave Bon Voyage to this pandemic… GET FUCKED, COVID!

Special Shout Out to Michael Campos

Michael Campos is a great copywriter and his site is:

If you’re not signed up for his email list… what the hell are you waiting for? Do that now!

I’ve seen his copy and can attest: he’s got the goods.

Thanks so much for submitting this email Michael, you’re the man.

Big Takeaways from Level Up Mushrooms

  1. When everyone zigs, you zag.
  2. Pace, then lead.
  3. Sarcasm works.
  4. If you need to include legalese, please (for the love of God) don’t make it boring.
  5. Keep your hero images small and understated.
  6. If you’re going to be cool to some customers, be cool to ALL of them.
  7. Never waste an opportunity to sell.
  8. Include relevant products that can help people solve their CURRENT problems and issues.
  9. Speak in a one-to-one tone… ALWAYS!
  10. Keep your copy tight and pithy. Get to the point.

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  3. Get some shrooms from Level Up Mushrooms! I haven’t tried their products yet… but I just might! Looks like they got some cool solutions if you’re looking to level up your performance.

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