A few years back, I was working with a client who had a big list.

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Lots of different funnels. A ton of products. And a dizzying amount of segments and tags.

One of my main responsibilities with that company was to write emails that put people into our funnels. And, I was pretty good at it.

We had one flagship product that converted like crazy. And that was where I focused most of my time and effort when it came to writing new emails.

And let me tell you… I wrote a LOT of emails for that funnel.

I’ve estimated that I wrote over 1,000 emails for that single funnel alone during my time with that company. As you can probably tell, I had to generate a LOT of ideas to pull that off.

Of course, they all weren’t completely unique. Sometimes I’d test and tweak certain elements of these emails. Or I’d take a new angle on an existing hook I wrote before.

But regardless, it still took a lot of effort to keep pumping out fresh content for all those emails.

As time went on, I started feeling the same pain a lot of business owners feel: eventually… you run out of things to say.

The Problem With Email Broadcasts

I ran a survey the other day to all of the people on my email list who use email marketing in their businesses.

One of the main pain points that came up was: “I have trouble coming up with new things to say every single week.”

This is a problem I’ve dealt with myself.

That client I was just telling you about before – one of the main reasons I ended up leaving was because after writing… and rewriting… and rewriting some more, I just ran out of things to say.

After 1,000+ emails on the same topic, I felt like I had said all that needed to be said.

And I was kind of bored.

Some businesses like to reinvent the wheel. Others like to create assets they can use over and over again. That’s why I really started to shift toward using email automation in my business and in my clients’ businesses.

How To Be Smarter About Your Email Strategy

As a copywriter, when I write a sales letter or a video script for a client… we reuse that asset over and over again until it stops performing.

We squeeze every last drop out of that thing.

But with email, we don’t always do that.

Sometimes we feel compelled to write fresh, new emails – sometimes on a DAILY basis – just to keep our readers entertained.

Now, listen: I’m not saying you should never come up with new ideas for email broadcasts and just send the same content out over and over again.

Not at all.

But you can be a little smarter about this.

You can automate about 80-90% of your email marketing, actually make more sales, and spend a lot less time sitting in front of your computer wondering what the hell you should write.

Here’s the thing…

Would you rewrite a sales letter that’s working, 3-5x a week… every single week of the year?

Of course not. That’d be exhausting and completely unnecessary.

So why do this with email?

Why not spend a little extra time, crafting a sequence you can automate and scale? A sequence that tells all the stories that need to be told. A sequence that shifts the worldview and internal belief system for your prospects. A sequence you can write one time, and set it so it runs in the background while you’re working on the other important things in your business.

How To Generate A Ton Of Email Ideas

Wanna know my best ‘hack’ for coming up with new email ideas?

I just go and talk to people who are in the market for the product I’m selling. I ask them about their problems. I listen to the stories they tell me. And I get a real sense for their pains and frustrations.

Every time I’m low on content, I go and find someone who would be a perfect customer for the thing I’m selling… and I let them talk my ear off.

Every story they share can give you an idea for an email.

Every frustration can be an email.

Every emotional hot button they rant and rave about can become an email.

Do this every single week, and you’ll have your finger on the pulse of your market. You’ll live inside their heads. And you’ll never be stuck wondering what you need to say to get people to take action.

How To Make Email Marketing 90% Easier

The way out of “email marketing hell” is to STOP sprinting on the broadcast hamster wheel.

Remember: the best way to stop worrying about new ideas for your emails is to not put yourself in the position where you’re on the hook for new emails every single day.

Start with ONE automated email sequence. Build that first for all the new people who join your list. And design it in a way that builds a bond with that person, so they stick around and become a customer for life.

That sequence will run in the background and make sales on a weekly, even daily basis if you do it right.

And if you need some help with that, make sure you join my list so I can send you my FREE book, Make It Rain, The Secret to Generating Massive Paydays From Your Email List.

It goes even deeper into my email marketing strategies and can help you start making more sales as soon as today.

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