The entrepreneur is a fickle creature.

When observed in its natural habitat, it can be seen playing, procrastinating, shitposting on Facebook… and chasing shiny objects from time to time.

It is unique in the animal kingdom, as it is one of God’s only creatures who seeks to continually make it’s own life harder, more stressful and more miserable than the average person.

Why Do We Always Make Things Harder Than They Need To Be?

A few months back, my list was even tinier than it is right now.

At the time, I was in the middle of a number of big-time copy projects that were causing me to redline nearly every single day for weeks on end.

(And whatever, I’m not bitching. I chose this life.)

But I was really stressing myself out and working a LOT harder than I should have been.

We all do this.

But then something happened that made me realize how stupid I was being.

I Sent One Email To My Tiny Little List of ~200 People… And WHAT HAPPENED NEXT WILL SHOCK YOU!



So yeah, in between all those big projects I was working on, I sent an email to my list. It took me about 40 minutes to write, which is a little longer than most emails I write.

But it generated $1,720 in affiliate commissions.

With one email.

At that point, I had to take a good long look in the mirror.

There was a lot of shit I was doing in my business that wasn’t putting money in my pocket that was eating up most of my time.

And I had just made more money in 40 minutes than I had in the past day and a half.

How To Make Your Business Easier To Run

My big problem was that I had no leverage, whatsoever.

Like most service providers, consultants, coaches, and content creators… we often think that our businesses have to be difficult.

We HAVE to put our ass in the seat for 12 hours a day.

And even when we don’t have much to do, we need to sit there with the computer up… refreshing your stats, checking your email every 5 minutes, and waiting for something to happen.

But when you stop and think about things… what do you really need to do to make your business run?

I know for me, a copywriter, I need to generate leads and sell solutions to problems.

That’s pretty much it.

How To Get Away With Doing Next To Nothing

I work with a few bloggers.

I also work with some e-commerce business owners.

And I work with a fair share of information publishers, authors, coaches and consultants.

And at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what they do or what they sell… the rules of the game are simple…

  1. Grow your list
  2. Sell these people solutions to their problems

That’s pretty much all you have to do to be successful with an online business.

If you can get people to like you enough… and you can offer something they want as a lead magnet you can grow your list.

And if you can continue to demonstrate to them that your products and services can help them achieve their goals, with your email follow up… you can turn prospects into customers.

This Is Pretty Much The Only Thing I Do With My Clients

First, we get people onto a list.

Then… we send them emails that offer solutions to their problems.

And they like the emails – I like to think in part because I’m pretty good at this whole copywriting thing – and then they buy.

And once they buy one thing, they start using our product.

And they have a good experience with it.

And they get a certain result.

And now that we have solved one major problem in their life… they ascend to a new level of success.

But with every new level of success comes new problems.

So we develop new solutions for those people… and we ask them to take the next step with the offer we created just for them.

That’s how business works.

And the only thing you need to make this happen is an engaged list of people who love you and your solutions.

If You Do This, Your Business Will Get Boring

There are a lot of ways to grow your list.

I love publishing content.

People find it, and they make a decision that they like me. At which point, they realize that signing up to my list is a good idea.

Then, I send them an autoresponder that teaches them a little more about me.

Then I send them emails each week.

And I make sales.

And… now my only job is to repeat this process and find new ways to deliver results for people.

I don’t have to create videos. Mostly because I don’t like doing that.

I don’t have to do crazy webinars and stuff like that. I am sure I will, if I want to in the future. But I don’t have to.

I don’t have to create super elaborate funnels with a million different contingencies. Sure, they help… and when your business gets big enough you’ll have to do this.

But for now… I can just build my list and sell them stuff that helps them solve their problems and achieve their goals and dreams.

And that’s kind of boring, right?

This only takes a few hours per week. And after that week’s emails are written, what the hell else are you supposed to do with all that leftover time?

If you’re an entrepreneur, this is where most of your money is made. It’s made when you’re selling your products, services and solutions.

And it might mess with your head a bit at first.

Because this whole online business thing is “supposed” to be more complicated than that.

But it can be as complicated or as simple as you make it.

Choice is yours.


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