A typical week in the life for Chris Orzechowski consists of the following:
  • Writing all of the copy for an 8 figure digital publishing company with 10+ product funnels
  • Writing copy for new funnels for a high seven-figure digital publisher
  • Working on 1-2 crowdfunding launches at a time.
  • Developing new schemes, sales and automated sequences for an e-commerce client.
  • Writing 1-2 blog posts per week
  • Writing an ‘almost’ daily email newsletter
  • Coaching 1-2 copywriters on client getting strategies
  • Holding a small group coaching course on email copywriting
  • Fielding phone calls for new potential clients
  • Consulting with business owners on launch strategy
On top of that, I lift weights 5x a week and do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2-4x per week.
That’s a lot to get done – at least for me. Maybe you do even more. And if so, I’d like to hear how.
I never really thought of myself as someone who is ‘productive’ or anything like that.
But I’ve realized that there are a few reasons why I’m about to get so much done in such little time.
You see, when I was a teacher, I had no choice to get organized. I only had about 3-6 hours a day to get everything done… because for 8 hours a day, I was tied up working my ‘real’ job.
I had to develop systems that made me more efficient with my time.
I had to cut out a lot of BS activities that other people get distracted by.
I had to force myself to focus only on the activities that moved the needle for my business.
And those three things were: attracting clients, closing deals, delivering results.
I’m sure you have 2-3 high impact activities that your business relies on. And I’d bet dollars to dingleberries you’re wasting time on stuff that doesn’t move the meter.
If you want to stop wasting time on stuff that doesn’t directly put money in your pocket, here are the steps you need to take to become super productive:
(1) Eliminate anything outside your big three.
Like I said, I realized a long time ago that if I wasn’t actively working on attracting clients, closing deals or delivering results, I was wasting my time. I cut out every single thing that didn’t fall under one of those three umbrellas.
Even to this day, I still only focus on those three activities. Is there other stuff I could be doing? I’m sure there is. But I focus on urgent, important, needle-moving tasks.
I’d bet if you did a time audit, you’d be able to figure out which 2-3 things make you money. Once you do that just cut out the rest and go all in on those three.
(2) Automate as much stuff as you can.
Taking an hour or two to automate menial tasks like scheduling calls or collecting testimonials or anything like that will save you weeks of your life. Use robots, technology, and software to make your life easier.
(3) Delegate stuff you suck at to other people.
I don’t do tech. I refuse to do it. Why the hell would I waste my time on it?
I’d much rather put my arse in the seat and write while I’m hiring someone at a lower dollar power hour cost to do that work for me. I only do tasks in my zone of genius.
(4) Create a daily ritual.
The daily ritual that sets me up for success is this:
I wake up, get dressed, make breakfast for my wife and drink my pre-workout. Then, I lift from 7:30-8:30.
This is ME time. Time to grow stronger, both mentally and physically. Time to build muscle and discipline.
You know, I remember reading the Boron Letters a long time ago, and the first 3-4 letters were all about how Gary H would spend the first few hours of each day doing road work. I never understood why a book about copywriting would focus so much on running, hitting the weights, and then eating healthy.
But then I started doing it, and I now know why.
My lifting time in the morning is what centers me. It was what mentally prepares me for the day.
That time… is MINDSET time.
The best part about hitting a hard lift first thing in the morning is that I get to spend an hour focused on me, improving myself, coaching myself up, engaging in positive self-talk, putting myself in a great frame of mind to attack the day.
That’s why, when I sit down at my desk to do work, I get so much done. I got the anger out of me. I expanded energy. My blood was pumping. My brain is now producing hormones that help me focus in.
It puts me in a great mood and gives me my first big victory of the day.
Do not underestimate the power of doing this first thing in the morning.
After the lift, I take a shower. Usually, it’s a contrast shower or a cold shower.
Again, the cold is bracing. It wakes me and my brain up. It makes me breathe hard.
Then, I have my protein shake.
I take 3 alpha brain. Make a coffee. And then write out a list of the 3-5 things I want to get done that day.
Then, I just start doing them.
Pretty simple.
Nothing flashy here.
Do you have to follow the same gameplan?
Of course not.
But these 4 things have helped me get a lot more done than the average writer… and have helped me actually enjoy life.
So now that you know my plan for higher productivity…. what does yours look like?

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