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My question is:

How do you outline the launch series (or welcome series for autoresponders)?

For example, I’ve a pretty good understanding about writing emails individually: teaser emails, Q&A emails, “will it work for you” emails, “cart is closing” emails and all that… (because I research the market and the product extensively, so emails do write themselves). But every time I sit to plan a launch (or welcome) sequence; I get stressed.

Other copywriting courses have about 8-10 types to use for launches and autoresponders… but they don’t explain which email should be sent when, and why.

So, some understanding about the outline process would be cool.

This is actually a very common problem most copywriters, business owners, and marketers face.

He’s exactly right.

There really aren’t too many good courses out there that explain this process. Unless of course, you’re counting all the other internet marketing courses that teach internet marketing launches for other internet marketers to launch their own internet marketing courses.

(Reading that back almost gave me a nosebleed)

If you want to write a successful high-converting “Orzechowski Style Email Launch Sequence”… you need to plan out your email sequence like this.

Your sequence is going to have four parts:


Cart Open

Main Launch Sequence

Cart Close

Now.. when you break it down like this… it’s a lot easier to start seeing the forest through the trees.

Your prelaunch is designed to get people hot and bothered… excited about your product. And when you get really good at writing these pre-launch sequences… the sale is made HERE before the cart even opens.

Next, you open the cart. This part is short.. but if you screw this up… you could cripple your sales for the entire rest of the launch.

I usually make this one or maybe two emails.

(When I wrote the cart open sequence for the Filippo Loreti Kickstarter launch, we sent two emails in the first 24 hours. The first email generated ~$109K in the first three hours. I used the ~ (about) symbol because honestly… as I was watching the stats on Kickstarter… sales were coming in so fast it was very hard to determine the exact amount at 60 minutes. And after we sent that second email out we finished the first 24 hours with $250k worth of orders.)

After your cart open sequence, you have your main launch sequence.

Now… most people experience a HUGE dip in sales during their main launch sequence. This is because traditionally… a lot of people buy the first day and the last day. Not too many sales are made in the middle. But there are a few ways you can prevent this from happening.. so that instead of seeing a dip in sales… your total sales volume rises up and up and up… snowballing into a huge windfall of profits that every other marketer misses out on.

Finally… you have your cart close.

I touched on this part in yesterday’s email.

This is when you take your list to pound-town.

You hammer that mofo. But this isn’t an excuse to send shit emails. In fact… the emails I can show you how to write for your cart close sequence can help you make more sales in one day than you’ve made in the past year.

It’s a simple strategy that not many people know… but it will make everyone on your list love you no matter how many emails you’re sending.

That’s the basic overview of what a typical launch sequence should look like.

But I’m sure, by now, you’re probably thinking… “OK… that’s nice… but what do I write for each email in the different parts of each sequence.

If you need help with that… fill out an application to work with me and I’ll personally hold your hand through the entire process from start to finish.
Or… if you’d like… I can write the entire thing for you.

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