Should You Cater Your Copy To Your Ideal Avatar?

By Chris Orzechowski

Last week I tried something I don’t usually do.

When you learn how to write copy, one of the things EVERY expert tells you is to envision ONE person who is you ideal avatar… and ONLY write to that ONE person.

Imagine what they look like.

Imagine what you would say to them if you were sitting down for a cup of coffee.

Think about all of their fears, frustrations, hopes, dreams, wants and needs…

You get the picture, right?

The goal is to have such a crystal clear vision of who that person is in your mind that you know their problems better than they do.

Usually, there are a lot of people like this on your email list.

And you can choose one of them and mentally single them out as the ONE person you intended your message for.


I did that last week, with one of the emails I wrote to my list (you got that email, too).

Sure, I sent it to my entire list…

But my ‘intention’ with that email was to get this one person to respond (a person who’s been on my list for along time, and according to their domain name, they worked for a company who I’d love to do some work for).

So I wrote this email.

I envisioned the joy they’d have as soon as they opened it and read it…

“OMG, Chris totally gets me!”

Can you guess what happened next?

They totally responded back, begging to throw money at me… right?



Not exactly.

They actually unsubscribed.

I kid you not.

Literally, the ONE f**king person I wrote that email for unsubscribed. They were the ONLY person who unsubscribed that day, too.

Kind of ironic, right?

So… what is the moral of this story?

I literally have no idea.

I have no heart-warming email marketing tip or business growth lesson that I am going to spin this into.

Sometimes, weird shit just happens.

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  1. Jeffrey Lupo on September 2, 2019 at 8:37 pm

    Love it, maybe he thought you were outside in his bushes. I bet you’d pay a lot of money to see him reading it that day and what he did next.

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