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If you have an Ecommerce business but aren't happy with your current email strategy, then you've come to the right place. This site is dedicated to helping you make more sales with email… without having to rely on constant flash sales, coupons, discounts or fancy HTML email templates that look like all your competitors.

I'm going to show you a radically new way of doing email marketing. I'm going to teach you how to write short, simple, plain text emails (pictures and graphics optional) that will not only make sales… they'll make customers fall in love with your brand, increase word of mouth and turn prospects into customers for life.

Why should you trust me? How can you be so sure my methods work? Can you really see results that fast?

Well, my campaigns have generated tens of millions of dollars for other Ecommerce companies like…

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Hi I'm Chris Orzechowski

I'm an Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategist from New Jersey.

Over the years, I've helped a number of Ecommerce businesses grow with better email marketing systems.

Most of my clients reach out because they struggle with their email strategy overall:

  • They might not have any automated sequences in place (like cart abandonment, browse abandonment, welcome sequences, etc.).
  • They might not know how to segment their list… who to send what offers to, at what time… and they might just not be able to figure out what the 30,000 ft view of their email strategy should look like.
  • They might not be sure how to follow up with their buyers without pissing them off.
  • They might be tired of sending out constant flash sale emails that provide diminishing returns.
  • Sometimes, they just feel like their emails are lackluster… like they're flat, boring and lack soul.

I'm the guy who can help you fix all that.

You can read all about how I've done that in the past for my clients by clicking here.

My Ecommerce Email Marketing Philosophy

I have one big belief when it comes to Ecommerce email marketing:


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