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(without hiring a single team member)

Close bigger, better deals with a REAL copywriting business that’s stable, predictable, and grows each and every year.

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Dear Friend,

If you’d like to have a simple system for getting copywriting clients and cruising past the $100,000-$200,000/yr mark with your freelance business, then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here's why:

Chris Orzechowski

Hi, I'm Chris Orzechowski

I’ve worked with 200+ copywriting clients and have coached over 3,000 brand owners, email marketers, and copywriters around the world.

I’ve also built a “million-dollar” copywriting business.

The reason I’ve achieved this level of success in my freelance career comes down to one thing:

I have mastered the art and science of client acquisition.

In fact…

I’ve developed a predictable, repeatable system for finding high-paying copywriting clients… and I want to give it to you so you can start winning more business right away

Now, you might not believe this, but…

A few years ago, I used to absolutely suck at getting clients.

I couldn’t even get a potential leads to agree to a call… let alone close a deal.

Like most freelance copywriters, I was stuck:

And let me tell you… it pissed me off like crazy.

So much so that I decided to figure out a way to get clients to come to ME.

And well…

Business Insider Chris

Over the past nine years, I’ve managed to work with 200+ clients in every industry imaginable

In fact, there’s a good chance you’ve even bought products from some of my clients or read my copy.

Recognize any of these brands?

Product Launch Formula Logo
Copy Chief Logo
Rich Dad Logo
The Motley Fool Logo
Deadline Funnel Logo
The Hustle Logo
Neurogym Logo
Millenial Money Logo
Power Abs Logo
Serhant Logo
Crossrope Logo
Carnivore Snax Logo

Not bad right?

Here’s the deal though:

Literally anyone can get clients like these and get past the $100,000-200,000/yr mark with their copywriting business (even if they’re new and no one’s ever heard of them).

I know because not only have I done it… but I’ve also helped hundreds of new copywriters make it happen with their businesses in just a matter of months of us working together.

If you’d like a proven step-by-step plan for getting copywriting clients without ever having to send a single cold email, I’d love to show you how it works!

I’ve laid it all out in my new book called…

One Person Agency Coaching & Certification Program

I remember how scary it was to live in the “feast or famine” mode where you have clients one month… but the following month, you’re worried about where your next gig will come from.

I don’t want you to ever have to feel that anxiety and stress anymore.

Instead, I want you to have a simple system you can use to repeatedly get copywriting clients that you absolutely love working with… without having to send a single cold email. 

Once you read this book and try the system I lay out, you’re never going to worry about “client acquisition” ever again.

Here's everything you'll learn inside

One Person Agency

Week #1:

Designing Your One Person Agency

Week #2:

Mastering Your ESP

Week #3:

Discovering Your Ideal Clients

Week #4:

Becoming A Strategist

Week #5:

Creating Your Offers

Week #6:

Winning New Business

Week #7:


Week #8:

Client Management

Week #9:


Week #10:

Marketing Your OPA

Get fully certified as an

Email Marketing Manager

Once you complete the One Person Agency program, you’ll be awarded a certification badge you can use on your website or LinkedIn profile to showcase your expertise.

Wanna know what it's really like going through OPA?

Watch this video to see a recent OPA graduate break it down.

“There’s a lot of communication and it’s very focused. There’s not a lot of tangents. Not a lot of side side quests or anything like that. It’s like, ‘This is the homework, this is the call. Go and apply.’ If you’re not actually applying this stuff in the program, you’re gonna get nothing out of it.

When I started with that $12K project, I was like, ‘I’m just gonna go for it and see what happens.’ If you bring that mentality into the program, you’re gonna get something out of it. Whether that’s one project, two projects, whatever it may be.”

Chris Pearson
Email Marketing Specialist & List Manager

What people are saying about

One Person Agency

Taking the OPA course is the best decision I’ve ever made!

Before taking the OPA course, I was a “freelance email copywriter,” and now I’m a certified “Email Marketing Manager” sitting at the big table with the decision-makers.

The program is robust and gives you all the tools to be a true email marketing professional. As a result, I am confident I can pitch to any business, knowing what it takes to win the account. The ten weeks went by so fast, and I hated when the program ended. I’ve taken many courses and spent a lot of money, some good and some not so good.

OPA is money well spent. The coaching calls alone are worth the price to join. The best decisions I’ve ever made for my business. You’ll be glad you did.

Barbara Murphy-Shannon

When I started OPA 6 months ago, I was at $200/email with 2 clients. 6 months later, I now have more clients! 2 other I just pitched and waiting to hear, and 1 other multi-million dollar brand I’m scheduled to meet on March 6th.

So far, I’ve made $9200 IN FEBRUARY — and it’s only the 16th. Not bad for only working 15 hours/week, right?!

(I still like picking up my 1st grader and being home with my 2 year old twice a week.)

Your program made such an impact on me and my business. I’M SO THANKFUL FOR YOU!

OPA gave me SO much confidence in going BIG. You showed me what’s possible. You empowered me to design a business that is tailored just for me — that’s invaluable.

I joined to learn the technical stuff, without realizing the bigger value here is seeing all that is possible way beyond finding my next client.

I would hope others sign up for OPA sooner rather than later in their businesses like I did!”

Edil Cuepo

2 weeks in…After using Chris’ proposal structure for the first time…$7500 email automation buildout client closed!!

Luis Albuja

I’m excited to announce that I just received payment for a new monthly retainer from my first client!  It’s a growing CBD brand with two co-founders that are strapped for time.  We worked together a few months back and I revamped their flows and added some new ones. 

I’ll be proposing their email marketing strategy each month and using an email credit system like Chris Orzechowski recommends.  

This is a client that I had before OPA, but I used methods from the program that I think helped seal the deal.  I used the recorded loom video to record the monthly results of the flows that I set up for them.  Digging in to explain what the numbers mean.

After that, they approached me about doing some retainer work.  I asked them more about what they were looking for/pain points on a call and then sent them another loom video using the proposal slide deck that we worked on in M6 (thanks Angie Colee for the feedback).  I even used Dubsado for the contract and testimonial form.

Lastly, I gave my cell number to one of the clients during the first project and he would text/call me periodically.  After learning about establishing boundaries in our M8 call, I told them about the way I work and they agreed to use email/Slack. (future crisis avoided!)

All in all, I’m very happy to have been able to implement these strategies with success so quickly. 

And now, onwards to keep the prospect pipeline full and to sign new clients!

Jeff Lusczynski

Just signed my first client using the materials in this program!

This will be a course launch to my client’s list of 20,000 subscribers. 

I’m charging her $3,500 to do a total of 16 emails and load them into Active Campaign.

I decided to charge her on the low-end just so I can get a solid case study. But I’m REALLY excited to crush this so I can start living that Angie lifestyle lol.

Marquette Carney

Guess who just landed her first OPA gig BEFORE our first session even started? Oh yeah. I’m super stoked.

Full disclosure, I’m the weirdo who emailed Chris begging to get in early because I had this fantastic lead and I needed all the help I could get to turn it into a retainer. Chris was killer and let me in early (I feel like there’s some sort of bouncer joke in here), I blitzed through like half the modules in a day, and I put together a proposal I felt really proud of.

Things didn’t go the way I wanted them initially (there was “a dynamic” in the business unrelated to me that caught me off guard) and I thought it was killed dead. Womp womp. But I’m all in on the OPA setup now anyway, so I kept doing my thing and looking forward to the first call later this week.

Surprise surprise, they’re back! We’re doing the papers today and we officially start May 1! OPA has already paid for itself and we haven’t even STARTED yet. I am so stupid pumped to be here because this right here, this life by design thing, is the game I want to play and I want to play it OPA-style.

Ashley Gainer

“I met with a potential new client right after I signed up for OPA… and I just booked a $3k/month retainer with them!”

Karen Kossow

“Helped one creator enroll 10 coaches into his high ticket program and generated $7500 in sales with 2 emails.

I got an amazing case study/testimonial from him and got referred to two other coaches who are letting me work my magic on their list.

I’m slowly branching out of the sports niche but I couldn’t have done this without your help Chris Orzechowski and this amazing community.”

Ron McKie

“It’s not eCom strategy, but it’s a $2.8k retainer which *should* be for the next 3 months…

Contract and proposal delivered via Dubsado and payment received in less than an hour.

There’s no chance I’d have charged what I did pre-OPA, and Dubsado has made me appear like a pro!

I’ll be revisiting these modules time and again, and continue to refine my OPA in time, but Wowzer.

A great way to wrap up the year.”

Stuart Tarn

“Success story alert!  I totally booked that VSL opportunity you shared.

Because the turnaround time is so tight, I put a rush fee into the proposal + the client didn’t even blink. $6500 and I’ve already collected the 50% deposit.

Hell yeah! Thank you so much!”

Jenn Whinnem

“Secured a $2,500 project today! A former client referred me to a brand founder and she set up a call with me. The call went amazingly. The brand is amazing. And I easily closed the client because of OPA.”

Jeremy Essers

“OPA is the difference maker between basic freelancing versus sitting at the big boys table where things really happen.

I learned how to get effortless wins, productize my services, and find my ideal clients all in the span of 10 weeks and a whole lot of extra things I didn’t expect. 

And truth be told, those intangibles I didn’t expect are some of the best nuggets I took with me.

The best part… I found a client using OPAs lessons in week 3 of the course that ended up paying for the course itself…”

David Maswary

“Signed up for OPA on Friday… skimmed through the material, grabbed what I needed, landed a $4800 deal on Monday.

My systems were all broken (I break stuff).

OPA is gettin’ me all straightened out though…”


“OPA is the difference maker

“One Person Agency was rocket fuel for my career trajectory.

12 months before joining I was a janitor, and halfway through the course I landed a $3,000 front-end offer with a $20,000,000 company.

The tools I developed in just 5 weeks of OPA gave me the ability to charge agency level fees, and effectively manage a roster of clients with confidence and freedom.

Thanks to Chris and his team I’m back in the driver’s seat of my life.”

Max Sullivan

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