Want Me To Send You Brand New, High-Converting Email Flows And Campaigns You Can Use To Make More Sales Every Single Month?

Each month, I send out a “top secret” print newsletter (in the mail) to over 300 ecommerce brand owners and marketers from 20+ countries, around the world.

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Make It Rain Monthly Reviews

Each issue of Make It Rain Monthly contains breakdowns of successful campaigns I’ve tested with my private clients (at my agency, Orzy Media )… formulas and templates you can easily adapt for your own products… and cutting edge email marketing insight into what’s working “right now” in the world of ecommerce email marketing.

I’m constantly testing out new strategies and email campaigns with the ecommerce brands I work with. And I publish the lessons I’ve learned “in the trenches” so YOU can learn and profit from them in your own business.

All you have to do is take these email campaigns I give you each month and send them to your email list.

Then, watch what happens when the sales start pouring in…


(Did I mention this automated flow was selling a $20 product? Holy smokes… that conversion rate!!!)

Want me to start sending you this top secret print newsletter in the mail to you every single month… so you can start profiting BIG TIME from YOUR email list? 

Then YOU should subscribe to Make It Rain Monthly today!

Who am I and why should you listen to me?


I’m Chris Orzechowski, an email marketing agency owner from New Jersey.

For the past 7 years, I’ve helped hundreds of companies grow and scale with email marketing.

My clients include bestselling authors like John Assaraf, Jeff Walker, Ryan Serhant… and huge ecommerce brands like Chef’d, Factor 75, Filippo Loreti, Narrows Labs, Satchel & Page, Gold Medal Wine Club, BluntPower, and more.

On top of that, I’ve published two bestselling books on email marketing. I’ve been invited to speak at events like Copy Chief Live and The Copywriter Club In Real Life… and I’ve also been featured in prestigious publications like Business Insider.

I’m best known for helping my clients create high-converting email automations and campaigns.

And I’d like to help you, too.

Chris Orzechowski

Is Make It Rain Monthly right for YOU?

You and I both know you’re incredibly busy.

So my goal isn’t to bog you down with a million things to do every month.

After all… Money is attracted to SPEED!

That’s why each issue of Make It Rain Monthly is short and actionable, with zero fluff.

You get a clear, concise plan each month with ONE IDEA to grow your business… so you can implement fast and then go about your day, while sales roll in.

Here’s what people are saying about Make It Rain Monthly…

“Got 3-4 ideas I’m gonna go implement right now in my business. And I’ve been doing this 17 years…”
— Kevin Rogers

“Every single page is jam-packed with tons and tons of strategies!”
— Anna Iverson

“If you have not picked this up, you are just wasting money. One of the best investments I have made.”
— Patrick Kenney

“Doubled my client's offerings and made it worth the cost. Chris is one of the best email copywriters.”
— Jody Robertson

When you join Make It Rain Monthly, I’m going to give you a FREE gift that can put money in your pocket immediately!

My goal is for you to make money as quickly as possible with your subscription to Make It Rain Monthly.

That’s why when you join today, I’m going to give you a FREE digital copy of my brand new course…

Pay Yourself First

Pay Yourself FIRST! (Value: $995)

When it comes to growing your business, I believe one of the most profitable things you can ever do is get in the habit of paying yourself first.

My Pay Yourself FIRST! course teaches you my system for making a ton of sales with email by sending short, simple emails to your list on a consistent (even daily) basis.

How many times in your business have YOU let your best hours, your deepest focus, and the lion’s share of your work day get eaten up by doing things that do NOT necessarily put money in your pocket?

There are some days you probably wake up and immediately throw yourself into the fray… and hope that money rolls in.

I didn’t really think that “model” made sense.

The most important job for a business owner is to BRING IN THE MONEY…

… a skill that is VERY hard to outsource (and usually incredibly expensive).

After all…

If you can’t bring in money, you don’t really have a business

Cash is king.

It is the lifeblood that powers all the other organs that keep the business alive and thriving.

When I started working with a lot of ecommerce business owners, I saw they were falling into the same trap…

Most ecommerce companies are handcuffed to their social media advertising. And they spend most days “hoping and praying” they hit their sales targets… which is sometimes out of their control.

But when Zuckerberg wakes up in a bad mood and shuts down your ad account for no good reason… or when he completely changes the algorithm just for shits and gigs… most businesses sales TANK!

I saw this time and time again.

EVERY TIME my clients wanted to “make a sale” they had to go and pay a steep acquisition cost.

And between the acquisition cost AND the landed cost of their products… there wasn’t usually much margin left.

That’s why I love my system for Pay Yourself FIRST!


You can sell to your list WITHOUT having to pay acquisition costs over and over again...

And you can wake up, bang out an email in 15-20 minutes and have sales come in all day while you’re off doing all the other things you need to do… 

Like put out those fires, or deal with customer service, or source new products, or figure out WTF Facebook just did to your ads that were working perfectly fine last week.

The easiest way to make it rain in your business is to pay yourself first.

Every single email you write will most likely bring sales, as long as you have a list that you’re trying to grow… and good products that people actually WANT to buy.

Your skills, and revenue, and the brand loyalty that you build from continuous email follow up gives you momentum… and it compounds over time.

This is what the smartest ecommerce business owners do.

Smart ecommerce business owners and marketers make it rain when they finally decide they pay themselves first.

It’s just one simple action.

It’s waking up and writing an email to your list to generate immediate sales… so you can pay yourself first on a daily basis.


In Pay Yourself FIRST!, you're going to learn...

I’ll give you your FREE digital copy of Pay Yourself FIRST!  the moment you join Make It Rain Monthly so you can   start profiting from your email list immediately.

Here’s what people are saying about Pay Yourself FIRST!

Patrick Kenney

“One of the highest open rates of any email I’ve sent…

In the back, Chris has these frameworks you can just plug in and email your list with. I used one of these today and I got one of the highest open and engagement rates of any email I’ve sent. Just packed full of actionable stuff. Highly recommend!”

Patrick Kenney

Founder of Tech Guys Fix Marketing

“You’ll never have to worry about writer’s block… 

… or what you’re going to say or what kind of format to use. It’s all in there. It’s great for learning how to multiply your business and time. It’s like a handbook for life!”

Jody Robertson

Email Copywriter

Jody Robertson
Daniel Wallace

“Only on Day 3 and I’ve already made $297 just by sending simple emails…

The wonderful thing about Pay Yourself FIRST! is that it’s so simple. You don’t need to plan out a whole bunch of stuff out, learn any new techniques or record any videos. You can just start emailing people.”

Daniel David Wallace


What's the investment for Make It Rain Monthly?

I make my clients a LOT of money with their email campaigns.

For instance: I made one of my clients over $100,000 last year with a four-email Black Friday/Cyber Monday email campaign.

I also helped another generate $5,200,000 in a single ecommerce product launch.

I even helped one make $50,000+/month, completely automated income stream… powered by their email marketing flows.

I’m allowing you to “borrow my brain” each month to make sales in your business.

This newsletter is the closest thing to having money show up in the mail each month, based off the sales you can generate from your list.

So the way I see it… I could probably charge a LOT for my newsletter because of the insane return you could earn once you upgrade your email game.

On top of that…

If you wanted to work with me on a one-on-one basis, it’s $5,000/month for consulting.

I realize not everyone can afford to work with me as a private client, which is fine.

But I wanted Make It Rain Monthly to be accessible to any ecommerce business owner or marketer who was looking for new ways to increase their sales.


I decided to make it SUPER affordable, even if your business is small.

That’s why I’m not going to charge you anywhere near close to what I charge my private clients.

I’m not even going to charge you $500/month (although that’d STILL be a great deal).

In fact…

Make It Rain Monthly is only…

That’s it!

Each email campaign I send you has the power to earn enough money to cover your investment for YEARS to come.

I’ve installed these campaigns into my client’s businesses and have watched them capture $5,000, $10,000… even $20,000+ in revenue EVERY MONTH that was just evaporating into the wind, completely unbeknownst to them.

Even if you have a tiny, tiny list and you’re only able to generate $1,000 – $2,000/month from what I show you… that’s STILL a 10-20x ROI every single month.

The reality is, one idea from one issue could literally pay for your subscription for the next 10 years… and then some.

Make it Rain Monthly Reviews
Make it Rain Monthly Reviews
Make it Rain Monthly Reviews
Make it Rain Monthly Reviews
Make it Rain Monthly Reviews
Make it Rain Monthly Reviews

Why you should subscribe RIGHT NOW…

Every day you don’t have emails going out, you’re essentially LOSING money.

In other words, every day you’re not using my system… YOU ARE STEALING FROM YOURSELF!!!

If you have a list, you’re probably sitting on a MOUNTAIN of cash… and you don’t even realize it.

I’m going to help you go into your list to find that “hidden money”.

ALL of it.

It’s not hard to do.

And it’s actually going to be a lot of fun.

On top of that…

You’re kind of coming to a crossroads.

And the way I see it, you have two options for what you can do now…

Option 1

Stay stuck.

Watch all of your competitors make a killing and start to scoop up YOUR market share.

Watch as ad costs rise, knowing you have no way to stop your shrinking profit margin.

Keep sending crappy emails that get you nothing but unsubscribes and spam complaints.

Never earn the kind of money you SHOULD be earning from your email list…


(I know which option I’d choose…)

Option 2

Try my strategies out for a month or two… and take note of how much money comes in.

Earn a HUGE ROI on the price of your subscription. Get new ideas and email campaigns you can use in your business to make more sales every single month.

Watch as your subscribers start turning into raving fans who LOVE your emails and buy from them all the damn time.

Have less stress and a lot more fun in your business as you make more profits than you ever have before, with email.

Subscribe to Make It Rain Monthly

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Make It Rain Monthly delivered?

Make It Rain Monthly is a print (paper-and-ink) newsletter that gets sent to you in the mail every single month.

How do I access the Pay Yourself FIRST! course?

Pay Yourself FIRST! is a 137-page coursebook that is accessible via an online dashboard as a downloadable digital PDF file.

Does Make It Rain Monthly ship internationally?

Issues are only available as digital downloads for international subscribers.

Am I allowed to cancel anytime?

Yes, just email chris[at]theemailcopywriter.com.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Nope! Due to the nature of this product, there are no refunds.

However, you’re free to cancel your subscription at any time, for any reason.

If I join today, when will I receive my first issue of Make It Rain Monthly?

Each issue ships out during the first week of each month.

So no matter what day of the month you join, your first issue will be the following month’s issue.

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Make it Rain Monthly Reviews
Make it Rain Monthly Reviews
Make it Rain Monthly Reviews
Make it Rain Monthly Reviews
Make it Rain Monthly Reviews
Make it Rain Monthly Reviews

Ready to make it rain?

If you’re ready to MAKE IT RAIN with sales in your business and finally kick ass using email, click the button below and sign up right now.

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