Here’s how to bring a dying email list back to life… without losing all your subscribers… even if every email you send is winding up in the spam/junk folder

Just follow this simple, step-by-step process and you’ll experience better deliverability and have a much healthier list in no time!


Dear Friend,

If you’re concerned about your email deliverability and list health, then this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

Nothing is more terrifying as a business owner than watching your email list performance wither and die

Especially when you’ve probably spent thousands of hours and an unfathomable amount of money, time, sweat, and focus into building that asset in the first place.

Even scarier is when the signs of what’s mortally wrong with your list aren’t obvious:

First, it starts with slightly lower open rates that start creeping lower and lower with each send…

Which means the raw number of clicks you’re generating also go down… less opens, less clicks.

Of course… all of that means your revenue from your list slowly starts to fade out of existence.

What The Hell Is Going On With My List?!?

Desperate to fix it… you start doing what the talking heads suggest which is to some of these things:

“Oh that’s right maybe I just need to test subject lines!”

(Sounds logical… until you find out it doesn’t work.)

“Maybe I’ll just use different images!”

(Second verse, same as the first.)

“Duhhhh! Just send daily emails… I’LL FLOOD THE ZONE!”

(This is tantamount of giving your email list a death sentence… and it won’t be pretty)

See when these things happen it’s like having a car problem… the more you drive with the problem the worse it gets.

Until you blow a transmission or engine and now your car (i.e. your list) is nothing more than junk.

And the problems are typically hidden from you unless you know what to look for…

The more time that passes with the more email blasts you unleash you’re doing some seriously deadly long term damage to your list.

One More Send And Your List Could Be Headed To The Morgue!

Fortunately, there’s a pair of “Deliverability Defibrillators” to bring your list back to life.

Hi Im Chris Orzechowski

I run an email marketing agency called Orzy Media and we’ve helped brands generate millions from their email lists.

Including brands like…

Most importantly, we’ve rescued lists brand owners swore were dead.

Odds are the reason why you’re seeing your list slowly die isn’t normally because of subject lines, body copy or images…

It’s All About Deliverability!

Here’s the deal…

Email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and so on hate marketers (for the most part) and all it takes is you committing a few cardinal sins and they’ll start smacking your list with low deliverability.

The tough part is they don’t exactly tell you what the problem is… it’s like knowing you’re sick but having to diagnose the disease on your own.

Without the proper training or experience it’s gonna be a hell of a rough ride!

And that’s where we come in…

We’d like to show you the exact process we use to help our clients improve their deliverability, restore their list health, and restore their sender reputation… without having to lose a large portion of their lists

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of clients ask us about email deliverability and list health.

Some of their emails were getting blocked, swatted, and relegated to the junk folder… no matter what they tried!

So I talked with my Head of Tech, Matt Spangler, about this.

I asked him,

“Hey Matt… do we have a process we can use to improve our clients deliverability, regardless of the ESP they’re using or the industry they’re in?

“”As a matter of fact, we do…” Matt replied.

Matt had actually develop a simple process and tested it out with a handful of clients to help them dramatically improve their deliverability and list health… and rescue their emails from the dreaded junk folder.

When I polled my own email subscribers if they had any interest in this topic, hundreds replied back and said YES!


Matt and I put our heads together… and we decided we should create a course on this topic.

We documented this sixteen-step process that anyone can use to pump up your deliverability as high as humanly possible. And now, we’re releasing it to the world.

There’s no magic.

No mumbo-jumbo.

You just follow the sixteen steps we lay out in this course and you’ll be able to:



Double Your Deliverability is not like other courses on the topic.

We don’t give you any wacky pieces of code to try and outsmart Google. We don’t encourage you to cleave off a majority of your hard-earned subscribers. And we don’t try any tricks, gimmicks, or games.

We simply walk you through our sixteen-point process to assess and troubleshoot every single factor that could possibly be affecting your email deliverability… and then we show you what to do to fix it.

Even if your deliverability is already good… I guarantee we can make it even better.


Aren’t you a little bit curious to see if you ARE experiencing deliverability issues you didn’t even know you had?

The real magic behind Double Your Deliverability is our proprietary process called…

“The List Defibrillator”

A Guaranteed Process
To Bring Your List Back To Life!

Just like the tool emergency room doctors use to revive patients on the brink of death… we’ll use our “defibs” to bring your list back to life.

Specifically, what this program is going to do for your list is to revive your list’s deliverability where more of your emails land in your subscriber’s inbox.

That means more opens, more clicks… MORE MONEY!

Think of this program as a health exam for your email list profits…

Here’s How Double Your Deliverability Works:

By the time you’re done you’ll get your email list back to health and pumping out profits like before and in many cases… better than before!

Here’s a sneak peek at what we cover inside Double Your Deliverability:

By the end of this course, you’re going to become a MASTER in email deliverability

Which means you’ll be able to help any brand in any market improve their deliverability.

If you’re doing this for your own brand, you’ll see a boost in performance. And you’ll know exactly how to fix any future issues if they ever arise.

And if you offer email marketing or copywriting services for clients… you’ll be able to offer “deliverability consulting” as a high-value service – your clients will LOVE it!

How cool is that?

Meet Your Instructors


Founder & CEO

Over the last eight years, Chris has helped 250+ brands grow their revenue and has helped generate over $100,000,000 in product sales using email.

He has also published two bestselling books on email marketing called Make It Rain and Scale While You Sleep. Chris has also coached over 2,100 students around the world on how to write high-converting email campaigns.


Chief Technological Officer

Matt has been working in the list management, lead generation and email marketing space for over 15 years… and has seen it all when it comes to reaching subscribers inside their inboxes.

From cold leads to engaged lists to everything-in-between, Matt has mastered the strategies and technical know-how for maximizing deliverability for both his clients and his own businesses.

“This sounds hard.

Do I need to be a tech expert to do this?”


In fact, we designed this course to be so simple… anyone can do it.

Each lesson is broken down in a “step-by-step” video tutorial. You’ll follow along with your own list and get the outcome you want.


We even include my agency’s internal deliverability audit documents to guide you through each step of the process.

So easy!

Who is Double Your Deliverability For?

The short answer is:

Anyone who has their own email list… or anyone who offers any kind of email marketing services to clients.

It’s for anyone who wants to make sure their emails aren’t getting labeled as “junk”, “spam”, or landing in the “promo” tab.

People like:

If you fit into any of these buckets, then Double Your Deliverability is probably for you!


You might be thinking to yourself…

How much is Double Your Deliverability?


Think about it this way:

If your emails aren’t getting delivered, then you are in serious trouble.

If you don’t “own” your revenue via your email list… you’ll forever be beholden to ad networks who can shut you down, raise their prices, or change their algorithms without any warning.

So your list health is a pretty big deal.

We’ve worked with brands who earn anywhere from $500 – $25,000+ every time they send an email.

This is a pretty valuable medium!

We thought about what we should charge for this kind of course.

After all…

When Matt and I offer this process as a service to our clients, they pay thousands of dollars just for an audit… and even more for ongoing implementation and support.

I figured that if we sold it for $1,000… it’d be fair.

After all – if we improve your deliverability and you have a good list, you might very well make it all back (and more) with your very next email send.


I also know that when you’re stuck in “deliverability hell”… you are DESPERATE for a solution.

And we didn’t want price to stand in your way.

That’s why, for a very limited time, we’ve decided to offer Double Your Deliverability for just a one-time payment of…





What an absolute steal!

Here’s the deal, though…

You need to move fast!

The price will NOT stay this low forever.

In fact, I’ve periodically raised the price for EVERY program I’ve ever offered… so it’s only a matter of time before we do away with this special “launch pricing” and raise it.


You can’t afford to put this off another day!

Every single time you hit send with subpar deliverability, you’re losing money.

That is… until you improve your deliverability.

You’re literally ROBBING YOURSELF of sales that could and should be yours. You’re taking money out of your own pocket with every single email that goes out, because a percentage of those people are never even seeing your emails.

Let’s fix that.

Get Double Your Deliverability today and fix your list fast.

Oh… Almost Forgot To Tell You About
Our Money Back Guarantee!

I personally guarantee that within 90 days your deliverability will be better than it was before you started.

And if it’s not… I’ll refund every single dime of your investment.

Go through the program. Implement all of the steps. Then, show us your results. If your deliverability isn’t dramatically improved, you’re entitled to a full refund.

As long as you actually WORK the system and show me the steps you took working through the program, you risk absolutely nothing.

Either your deliverability improves or you get your money back.

Here’s What To Do Now:

This program has worked for so many of our brands that I’m absolutely confident it will work for yours.

You can probably already picture what your profits will look like once more of your email subscribers and customers start seeing your emails in their inbox…

And, you don’t need to “ground and pound” your list with relentless emails just to get your revenue numbers to stop flatlining!

Click the button below and get instant access to Double Your Deliverability… so you can fix this issue once and for all!



What have you got to lose?

Even if your deliverability is great (it probably isn’t)… wouldn’t you sleep better at night knowing you’re NOT leaving money on the table with every send?

The best outcome that can come from you getting Double Your Deliverability is your list comes back with a clean bill of health.

And if you ever DO have a problem arise… you’ll own the process you need to fix it fast.

Don’t send another email until you optimize your deliverability.

Go here now and get my Double Your Deliverability course today.


© 2011 – 2022 Chris Orzechowski. All rights reserved.

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