This Black Friday/Cyber Monday email sequence made two of my clients $60,000+ in one week last year. (Steal it and use it as you wish.)

Last year I worked on a few Black Friday/Cyber Monday email sequences for two clients of mine. Both clients reported back that they tripled sales from the previous year… and both made a touch over $60,000 in sales, each. Which was kind of weird. Because they have different list sizes, different markets, and sell different…

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How To Create A Multi-Million Dollar Sales Message

One thing I’ve sort of become known for in the copywriting world is helping business owners create huge product launch campaigns… and then turning these “launches” into evergreen campaigns that bring in revenue on a daily basis in perpetuity. A lot of these campaigns have generated well north of seven-figures on the launch alone… and…

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On Building An Empire

One thing they don’t teach you anything about in school is how to build a business. It’s kind of weird. Considering ~83%¬†employees work for private businesses, while the other 17% of government workers are supported by tax revenue generated either directly or indirectly through businesses… you’d think there’d be a greater interest in keeping this…

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