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Email Copy

How to structure an email launch sequence

Here’s a question I got from fellow freelance copywriter and loyal email list subscriber, Burak My comments to follow: My question is: How do you outline the launch series (or welcome series for autoresponders)? For example, I’ve a pretty good understanding about writing emails individually: teaser emails, Q&A emails, “will it work for you” emails,…

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My first (successful) product launch

A few years ago I got an email from a buddy of mine asking if I had availability to take on a small copy project in a weird little niche that I didn’t even know existed. What niche was it? Crocheting. You know – those little old ladies who knit sweaters and scarves? Well, little…

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The fastest way to get good at email

Rory, a loyal email list subscriber, wrote to me the other day with a good question. It was something along the lines of “what would be my best piece of advice for someone new to writing emails.” Although this can be taken a few different ways, I’m going to imagine he is someone like me…

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How To Become A Super-Productive Writer

A typical week in the life for Chris Orzechowski consists of the following: Writing all of the copy for an 8 figure digital publishing company with 10+ product funnels Writing copy for new funnels for a high seven-figure digital publisher Working on 1-2 crowdfunding launches at a time. Developing new schemes, sales and automated sequences for…

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