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Here’s a collection of written articles and podcasts that will teach you some of the best email marketing strategies I’ve learned after generating tens of millions of dollars for my clients.

YouTube Videos

Every week, I upload a brand new video where I share the latest tips and tricks on how to make it rain with your email marketing. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to my channel so you get my newest videos popping up in your feed the second they go live.

Podcast Interviews

From time to time, I get invited onto podcasts to talk about what’s working right now in email marketing, product launches and ecommerce business. Here’s a few episodes for you to check out so you can learn more on my philosophy for generating massive paydays with email.

Latest Episode

The Entrepreneur's Ecosystem

"I Wrote the Book on That"

Permission To Kick Ass

EP 100 (feat. Chris Orzechowski)

The Entrepreneur's Ecosystem

"I Wrote the Book on That"

Mindset First!

Breaking Past 6 Figures

The Copyblogger Podcast

The Email Expert

Permission To Kick Ass​

From Freelancer To CEO

Grin Gets Real Podcast

The State of Email Marketing

The Ecommerce Influence Podcast​

Using Story Hooks To Up Conversions

Accelerate Sales

How To Leverage Email Marketing

The Copywriter Club Podcast

Building a Copy Agency

The Pay Play Profit Podcast

Email Marketing for eCommerce

SuperFastBusiness Coaching

Email Promotion Success Insights

Copy Chief Radio

New Breed: Elite Email Copywriting

The Ecommerce Influence Podcast

How to Beat Your Competition With Effective Copywriting and Brand Positioning

Mailman Podcast

The Magic Box Technique For Meetings

Copy Chief Radio

CCR Freelancer's Journey
"Embrace The Work"

The Copywriter Club Podcast

Finding Retainer Clients

The Laptop Empires Podcast

Creating a (Physical)
Subscription Newsletter

The Laptop Empires Podcast

Pay Yourself First

The Laptop Empires Podcast

The Value of Masterminds

The Laptop Empires Podcast

Building Your Client Acquisition System

The Laptop Empires Podcast

Day in the Life of a Professional Copywriter

The Laptop Empires Podcast

Secret to Crafting a Killer Sales Page

Permission To Kick Ass

Episode 4: Chris Orzechowski

Business Of Writing Podcast

From School Teacher to
Email Copywriting Superstar

Email Marketing Podcast

The Quick & Dirty Gateway Drug
Into the World of Copywriting

Ecommerce Influence

8 Ecommerce All Stars Share
Their Best Marketing Advice

Copy and Conversion

Making It Rain With Ecommerce Email

eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast

Email Marketing with Chris Orzechowski

Top Agents Playbook

Real Estate Email Marketing
Secrets Revealed

Copy Chief Radio

The World's Friendliest
Email Up-Sells

Copy Chief Radio

Paying Yourself First

Copy Chief Radio

Ecommerce Emails That Convert

Thrive By Design

The "No Discount" Abandoned
Cart Email Sequence

The Email Marketing Show

Launch Your Online Course
the Non-Traditional Way

The Formula Publisher Podcast

Make it Rain with Email Marketing

High-Income Business Writing

How To Generate a Tidal Wave of Client Leads with a Short and Simple Book

Successfully Unemployed

Grow Your Business With Automated
Email Copywriting Marketing

The Conscious Millionaire Show

Generate Big Pay Days
From Small Email Lists!

How I Make Money

Numbers Don't Lie

The E-Commerce Performance Marketing Show

Proven Ecom Copywriting Techniques

Copywriting For Sales Pages

How to Crush Your Offer!

The Expert Focus Podcast

Making Money Every Time
You Email Your List

Email of the Week Articles

Each week, I go out into the wild to find a super-effective ecommerce marketing email and I break down why it works… so that you can use the ideas and strategies I uncover to make your own emails better.

Biz Building Articles

Whether you’re a freelancer or building an online empire, here’s some articles that’ll help you figure things out a little faster.

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