Last Wednesday, I was driving into Brooklyn for The Copywriter Club In Real Life’s annual event.

Before I left, I got a comment on one of my Facebook posts. I tried responding, but for some reason… I wasn’t able to leave a comment on my own post.

Which I thought was kind of weird.

I figured it was just a glitch.

Before I headed out the door, I checked Instagram to see if anything major had happened in the previous hour before I last checked it. (I’m addicted, I know!)

Except when I tried refreshing the app, it was saying it couldn’t connect.


What I Didn’t Realize Was That We Were Smack Dab In The Middle Of The Greatest Social Media Blackout Of All Time

When all the dust settled, Facebook and all of it’s other products were down for at least 14 hours.

I was listening to the radio on the way to Brooklyn when I heard the news that it was officially a site-wide problem… and not just with my account or phone.

The funny thing was…

When I finally got to the hotel where the event was taking place, I checked my phone.

I had made 3 sales for my course during that time.

So even when the biggest, most powerful social media networks in the world were shitting the bed… my business was still making money.

Why is this?

Because I Have An Email List. So I Am Not Beholden To Any Social Media Platform.

Now, before I go any further in this article, let me just say a few things…

  1. I do think social media is an awesome set of tools that allows us marketers to find new customers.
  2. I use social media to promote my stuff.
  3. I use paid ads on social media to regularly promote my stuff.
  4. I will continue to use social media until it is no longer a fast and effective way to bring new people into my world.


I do not build my business around these social platforms.

Mainly, because of what happened on Wednesday.

How can you sleep at night knowing your entire business lives or dies on some company’s infrastructure you have zero control over?

If you rely on your ads to bring you customers… and those ad networks go down… what’s your backup plan?

Gonna build a new Facebook and acquire another billion users real quick?

Sounds like a bit of a reach.

The Day Of Reckoning Is Coming

I laughed a little bit this past Wednesday.

I laughed at all the people who proclaim that email is dead and social media is the way of the future.

For those people, I have one thing to say…

Image result for where is your god now king gif

Social media is a great place to advertise.

But email is where you’ll grow a TRUE following. It’s where you’ll build a bond with your audience. And most importantly… it’s where you’ll actually make sales and make money.

So if you’re one of those people who thinks email is dead, just remember who your fucking daddy is.

Email is the king.

And the king stay the thing.


Image result for king stay king


Want To Learn How To Create Email Campaigns That Sell?

Um yeah…

Of course, I have something to sell you.

I have an in-depth training course called Email Copy Academy.

It goes over my complete system for writing email campaigns that can sell almost any product in almost any market. It’s over 20+ hours of training, examples, breakdowns and email critiques.

If you’d like to grab this “home-study” course, click the link below:

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