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How To Make Running Your Business So Easy… Things Get Boring

The entrepreneur is a fickle creature. When observed in its natural habitat, it can be seen playing, procrastinating, shitposting on Facebook… and chasing shiny objects from time to time. It is unique in the animal kingdom, as it is one of God’s only creatures who seeks to continually make it’s own life harder, more stressful…

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This Black Friday/Cyber Monday email sequence made two of my clients $60,000+ in one week last year. (Steal it and use it as you wish.)

Last year I worked on a few Black Friday/Cyber Monday email sequences for two clients of mine. Both clients reported back that they tripled sales from the previous year… and both made a touch over $60,000 in sales, each. Which was kind of weird. Because they have different list sizes, different markets, and sell different…

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